Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Showing Posters.

They do not have to be in the same colours or about the same subject. Doorways , both going into a room and within the room. Like a stick insect, we cannot imagine wrinkles and defects, but like any natural product, log walls are full of traits that are an essential part of their personality.

CHECKING : The new visitor to any log home is usually struck by the cracks in the logs, often stretching for many feet. In no way do they weaken the integrity of your log wall. When trees are cut down, there's naturally still some moisture left in the cells, particularly when the tree is cut down live. However, the heartwood closest to the middle of the tree is so hard the checks will not go past the middle of the log. So long as your builder knows how to cope with the settling and make provisions for the windows, doorways, plumbing, and interior walls, your home can settle many inches and still age nicely. Any log home will come with approximately a 2" gap above all of the doorways and windows, which will have to be stuffed with insulation. A poster can be placed over the kitchen table and covered with clear plastic.

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