Saturday, May 9, 2009

In my place, if it is Damaged I Purchased It.

With a little care, you can keep leather clothing looking its best for years, according to a guru on leater from The Olde Hide House in Acton, Ontario.

- Leather naturally repels water but, for additonal protection, look for an ecological repellent product to help forestall assimilation of water and body oils.

- Let wet leather garments dry in well-ventilated areas, away from heat. James L

Regularly a store has a sign with the caution, "You break it, you purchased it.

I am thinking about another sign, which should be posted all thru my home.

A man's straightforward chair, particularly mine, is control central of his world. Have loads more stories on pink dog bed. My simple chair is so situated that I will simply access my complete world. Whoever invented the straightforward chair must have been a genius, at least in my book.

- Pro cleaning is best for stain removal.

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