Monday, August 31, 2009

Coaching Your Standard Poodle Using Confidence and Respect - Standard Poodles Are Fun to coach.

No animal trainer will be successful without the trust and respect of the animal being trained. This is very true for dogs, since their instincts are those of animals who live in social groups. In natural habitats, dogs live in packs and follow a dog leader in the group. Trained dogs have come to see humans as their family or group and spontaneously seek a leader to follow inside that group. Your dog must accept you as his leader, learning to trust and respect you, before you can successfully educate him. They're earned thru positive strengthening, by gently and doggedly letting them know what behaviour is satisfactory. There are 3 kinds of Poodles : Toy, Small and Standard, each type denoting a size. Though some challenge the claim, France is officially recognized as the origin of the Poodle. The Toy Poodle lives a mean twelve to fifteen years. Toy Poodles are thought to be smart and are among the simplest to coach. Toy Poodles like to be around others, but can be reserved among strangers, making them good watchdogs.

The familiar curly coat of the Toy Poodle grows consistently and must be clipped each 4 to 6 weeks to maintain it. Now the clip isn't obligatory and many owners choose an all around short cut. There are health worries that exist with this breed. This can help win their confidence and trust, but it won't make sure they knows who their leader is and it won't change their behaviour.

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