Friday, September 18, 2009

Organizing your house : The master suite.

As we move thru the house, we are going to hit the master suite next. Walk in to your bedroom as you walked in to the family room and take a look at it critically. Does your bedroom fall under the Law of Flat Surfaces? If this is the case start by clearing off the dresser ( s ) and headboard. When you can see the tops of the dressers and headboard, run over them quickly with your duster. Have you got too many jewellery boxes? What about baskets that are meant to organize things? Now may be the time to ascertain what you positively love and wear all of the time and what you hardly look at and nearly never wear. Pull out the things you are not silly about and lose them.

If you live in the southern US, there's an excellent chance that your place has a garage because back in the sixty's and seventy's builders were trying to save cash anyhow they could so rather than investing additional cash in a garage door and door opener, they built carports.

you want to look at your carport to figure out how many walls you'll need to build.

If your carport is enclosed excepting the back, then you'll only need to build one wall and your job will be far easier and less costly.

It's fairly obvious if you want to build one wall or 2.

These areas are the most costly parts of any structure. So when I say two walls double your cost, it doesn't total up to over $400 - $600 additional.

Guesstimating the price of your project is actually easy. It does not matteras long as what's left is what you actually love. Go thru your baskets and identify which scent bottles are your faves and which of them you simply do not use any more. Are you able to walk openly in your room? If not, use the laundry-basket technique and pick up the things on your floor. Deposit the things in their correct location and run the vacuum. Look at your windowsare they grimy? What about the window ledges? Grab your rag and window cleaner and give them a fast once-over.
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