Thursday, December 17, 2009

How Much Attention Does Your Chihuahua Need?

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Most dogs need tons of attention, but Chihuahuas appear to need a ton more than plenty of other breeds. Just how much attention and time does your Chihuahua truly need? The answer's that your Chihuahua wants all of the attention you can give him. If something occurs in your life that doesn't let you take the time with your dog that he's used to, he won't understand and is responsible to react as a consequence.

We all love our Chihuahuas, and defending them should be our most important concern as owners. Attempt to ditch any remains straight after you have eaten to aid in avoiding this. Ever heard the old chestnut that chocolate can kills dogs? Well, some chocolate can be threatening to dogs, causing episodes, coma, and even death. If you see them gnawing on a stick, simply yell NO. As unusual as this sounds, raisins have been observed to be very perilous for dogs. Even in small amounts, they may cause kidney failure. So, be certain you never drop any raisins around your Chihuahua. To avoid sulks and bad behavior the neatest thing to do is to confirm the time you can spend with one another. Ensure that in this Chihuahua time all of your attention is focused absolutely on your dog. However don't take him each time you go out, otherwise when the time comes that he cant go with you he won't understand and there isn't any way that you are going to be ready to explain that to him.

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