Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lessons from the Final Declutter.

Imagine the change you can create by moving thousands of things. You may use the doubtless stressful situation of moving house to consciously design your new life. You may collect things to fill the available space.

There's an asserting in Feng Shui "there isn't any hiding from Feng Shui eyes". Packing and moving stirs up all your feelings - you must be kind to oneself. All of the gifts, the lessons, the environment which has sheltered you and been such a large part of who you are, and were. Though you may not realize it, metaphorically the Publishers Clearing House comes by your door each morning, and each day you have got the winning lottery ticket. Don't be scared to open up that treasure chest and peek within. What's that first jewel, that glossy object that looks like a gorgeous sparkling sapphire? That jewel represents something positive that occurred to you. Those are the ones that have to be rubbed and polished. They look grubby in the base of the treasure chest. Then you can start to see how it's possible for you to reinvent yourself. It is not too late to get active in local politics or to join a melodramatic group, or hire fine old flicks. Finding what is dear about our selves takes effort and time. Moving house to another area gives you the chance to decide who you would like to give your new telephone number to, and what you need to take forward into your new life.

You may create an environment which will support you in whatever is next for you in your journey.

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