Saturday, September 25, 2010

Electronic Dog Collars to coach the Hunting Dog.

Preferred models include : * The Tri-Tronics G3 and G2EXP series let you add extra receivers. What do you need? Dependent on your goals, desires, and coaching style - and on your dogs character and level of coaching - you might find that an electronic dog collar that will work for your neighbour won't be the most appropriate choice for you.

Look for models that : * Have a good name for robust construction and consistency. There's no evidence at all that there are any negative effects for the dogs, be it physically, mentally or neurologically. Todays electronic collars come in a couple of varieties, are not quite as bulky and clumsy as early models were, and are excellent for safely and humanely coaching any dog to stop exorbitant barking, Todays collars are sufficiently flexible you can find the type and level of kick that works best for your dog in any coaching situation.

When you're in the field, there will be space between yourself and your dog, so the power to correct behaviour from a distance is critical and useful. Keep it simple Select user friendly collars - you do not want to spend some time devoted to coaching your dog on training yourself to use an excessively complex electronic collar. You dont wish to have to have a look at the transmitter every time your dog requires a correction - the teaching moment might be gone before you work out what to press. Know your options Some dogs reply better to momentary kick, while others need longer, steady kick to fix behaviours.
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