Friday, November 19, 2010

Grooming Yorkies.

Brushing each day if your Yorkie has a heavy coat with a soft brush keeps your Yorkies hair from a tangled mess, otherwise I'm sure you'll be hugging with your small companion one or more times a day and you can start brushing him then. Showering your Yorkie is essential to maintaining healthy flowing coat. Next , be totally certain to check around their eyes for any increase of mucus. Whether your yorkie has a long or short coat, a regular grooming schedule is a total must. Yorkies with long coats should be groomed daily. I keep my yorkie cut reasonably short as she doesn't enjoy being groomed and thus grooming her isn't fun for me. My small Yorkshire terrier isn't much of a princess. A yorkie with a short coat does need upkeep. It's important not to use medicated shampoo unless your vet has prescribed it.

Utilise a dog shampoo that is acceptable for your yorkies skin type. I find it best to take my yorkie into a confined space like the toilet after her bath. I shut the door so she will not run all over the house as I want to give her frequent breaks. Your Yorkie is susceptible to tarter buildup so brushing their teeth will keep your Yorkie from heavy dental contagions and illness. There are numerous doggie toothpastes on the market today brushing your terriers teeth will help stop doggie breath too.

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