Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Yorkshire Terrier - An Introduction.

Is your Yorkshire terrier barking continually without taking 5? Yorkies by their very nature are yippy little dogs and is the reason why they are thought to be great watchdogs. First, understand that dogs have feelings too and they're likely attempting to talk to you by barking. Imagine you couldnt talk and you wished to express how you were feeling. Your snuggly small Yorkie can work himself into a barking hysteria for absolutely no reason . Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most well liked races of dogs in the U. S. , Canada and Great Britain.

These lovable and small companions, like most other terriers weren't at first meant to be household pets. Yorkshire Terriers, typically called Yorkies, came from Yorkshire in Northerly Britain in the 19th century. The Business Revolution sent many rural employees to Yorkshire to work in the coal mines. They were then bred with local long haired Terriers to supply Yorkies. Over the course of time folk bred the tiniest of the Yorkies until they gradually reduced in size. The 1st Yorkie that appeared as they do today made its appearance in a dog show in 1870. Yorkshire Terriers have a long and silky coat of fur, with no undercoat. When theyre born, their fur is black and tan. Like many thoroughbred dogs, Yorkies are susceptible to some genetic anomalies like Distichiasis ( eyelash that arises atypically on eyelid ), Hydrocephalus ( water in the brain ), Legg-Perthes illness ( syndrome of hip joint ), and bladder stones. To avoid tooth problems, you may want to consider feeding your Yorkshire Terriers dry food and definitely clean their teeth continually. Check to confirm if there's any physical problem that your Yorkie could be having if he continues to bark for more than a couple of mins. Other areas to take a look at would be checking for any sharpened waste that might be lodge in his paws or along his ears or inserted in his fur.
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