Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dog Parks : benefits and disadvantages.

I am speaking here about the kinds of dog food usually found in shops, and even about almost all of the apparently superior brands sold in some shops, pet food shops, and even by many vets.

Plump chickens?

Choice cuts of delicious meat and lamb?

Perhaps a few healthy fresh grains for variety?

The peculiar fresh herbs, plants and fruit?

But what percentage of the above ingredients do you suspect go into commercial pet food?

A lot? Only a little? If you said yes to either of these, you would be very wrong.

The average commercial dog food bears NO relation to the above list of choice ingredients, despite what pet food makers display in some of their selling, and despite what the list of ingredients on the pack or can might have a tendency to indicate. But I love to give them a little treat in the mornings instead of just feed them once per day ( which, by the way, IS all a dog Wants ). Click now for more stuff all about leather dog collars.

Now that I know better, I never give my dogs any of that garbage.

I should say that SOME of the dear pet foods which are freely available are much better than the less expensive brands. Imagine having the ability to take your mate to a large, open field and letting her safely play and run around with many other dogs. With so many benefits to taking your dog to a dog park, are there any drawbacks? And in 99% of the cases, it all had to do with the disposition of the human. A within a couple of seconds, cries and snarls filled up the air. Folk rushed to help the laboratory who sustained multiple puncture injuries. This is a tricking strategy utilised by the commercial pet food makers.

Brigitte Smith is a dog fan with a special interest in natural health for dogs.

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