Thursday, June 23, 2011

Employing a Clicker Vs Standard Approach... The Defective "Clicker Coaching Technique !

Dear Adam : my folks and I'd like to add our thanks-- to all of the other thanks you consistently receive. On the weekdays, I'll get up in the morning anywhere between 0530 to 0600 ( often earlier, between 0500 to 0530 ).

I'll let my ( now six months old ) Jack Russell out of the crate, got out for his morning business, play, plenty of petting and rubbing, and with some coaching. I have the choice to have him to go to my in-laws for the day. They own 2 dogs, a Golden Lab ( two years ), and a Jack Russell ( seven months ). It springs from folks who are not totally competent in working with dogs. That is the reason why it works so well with dolphins : Because they are stuck in a tiny pool when they are not being trained. But using it to the dismissal of all of the other tools to hand and you are being blind.

Writer, "Secrets of a Pro Dog Coach .

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