Monday, July 18, 2011

All About The Yorkshire Terrier AKC Standard.

They were initially bred in Yorkshire, Britain to clear mines and factories of rats in the mid-nineteenth century, and were brought over to America in 1872. Notwithstanding their little size, the Teacup Yorkie is identified by its high energy level, outstanding intelligence and heroic approach. That said, they do get along well with other animals. They desire to make certain everybody knows they're the head of the pack. Independent and trustworthy, Teacup Yorkies share similar character as all Yorkshire Terrier types. In 2006, Yorkshire Terriers became the second preferred thoroughbred dog in America. The year before, they'd been number 3. Wondering if you've ever seen a Yorkshire Terrier ( most widely called Yorkies )? Possibilities are, you have seen a large amount of them. They're dominating, vocal and must be fussed over.

The breed standard lists Yorkies as alert, sexy and full of self seriousness. Nonetheless they perform nicely in houses with aged or small kids. Other particular features of the Yorkshire Terrier include a black nose, a yappy voice and a bold character. Though blue and tan is the official colour, other colours or white marks have appeared in pet quality animals. Yorkshire Terriers are renowned for their silky coats.

In the shelter, most probably the dog you are endeavoring to identify has a clipped coat, making her or him seem like a cross between a bear and a ragamuffin. Notwithstanding this high level of intelligence, though , they're thought to be extraordinarily tricky to housetrain. For some more news on carrier dog tote. Bold, protecting, loving and dependable, they supply notable friendship for any dog fan. Though they are not commended for houses with little kids, they should get along fine with youngsters who are older. Youll also find inventories of credible breeders and indicators of sickness to search for when you go to choose your little dog.

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