Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Great Yorkie Info - History, Care, and Compounds.

But it could also be due to stress, depression, fatigue, starvation, diseases, bacteria, and even bugs. If you see any of these signs you need to take your Yorkie to the Vet to be treated right away. Their bodies are so little that everything is affecting them more, even poisons ,eg anti-freeze, insecticides, cleaning chemicals, and other household chemicals. Tracheal collapse is a standard health problem in all little dog breeds. Its early ancestors were essentially Scottish terriers and other early terriers that were brought into Northerly Britain by Scottish immigrants trying to find work. At last these breeds were bred together and the dog that we all know today as the Yorkie appeared. These dogs are less allergenic than other canine breeds and would work fine in homes where folks could have dog allergies.

Like other dogs, they're need a quality dog food and lots of fresh fresh water to keep them healthy. Annual checkups at the vet hospital should be a part of their usual medical care program. Due to their tiny size and tiny quantity of subcutaneous fat these dogs can get a disorder known as hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar. If your dog does have this condition it would appear as listless and can seem to be in a coma.

They form in the urinary canal, and could cause the disability to pee, and even death. Many have allergies and will bite or scratch their skin, leading to damaging their skin. A Vet can suggest a variety of lotion dependent on you are Yorkies condition. Click the link to see stuff all about pet carrier purse. Fragile digestive systems may cause Yorkies to have diarrhoea and barfing from diet changes or not eating the right meals.

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