Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dog Racing Tips - Breakers and Route Races.

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Do you ever stop to consider why you lose money at the dog track? Or do you keep on keepin on doing a similar thing and expecting a different result? Why should what you are doing work next time, if it didnt work the last time? Infrequently , we get so involved in what were doing that we do not ever put our heads up and look around and see what were missing. Perhaps you are gambling the right dogs, although not in the proper way.

Things occur even when you have a good system and serious money management talents.

In prior articles, Ive discussed that I like breakers in route races. Dogs that may close at the end of the race are likely to be in the money. This announced, there are some dogs who break who arent good gambles in route races. They're likely to fly the turn, because thats where the dogs break in these route races. Dogs who break terribly fast are responsible to be expecting a right away and their momentum can carry them right off the turn. Few of them get over this and run in the cash. If I see one, I look at which dog or dogs its sure to take out with it. But the majority of the races and the dogs are pretty consistent, particularly in the better grades, so a good handicapping system can work at least good enough to make you a low profit.

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