Thursday, December 29, 2011

Can Dogs And Cats Live Together As Mates ?

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My child has a lovely Border Collie who was the sole pet of the house till she was 5 years in age. Frequently when Mollie is snoozing, or merely reclining hanging, one of the cats will walk right over her, forgoing the niceties of strolling around the dog.

I do not believe that it may be said the moggies and Mollie are very good buddies, they never seem to play together. They live together in a condition of toleration, instead of comradeship, but the relationship works OK, my son's house is freed from moggy and dog fights. Another post from an old man reports that his Persian frequently hitches a ride on the back of his Labrador cross. Nevertheless a food that one group considers a delicacy, another group could find offensive.

The French have for ages been called "frogs" due to their taste for the amphibians. One component of Korean cuisine the governing body preferred not to have s potlighted was the employment of dog protein. As an ingredient, dog isn't as ever present as meat is in the U ; it is believed to be a delicacy.

Even before the Olympic Games , there had been concern that foreign visitors to Seoul might be upset by trattorias offering dog protein. The Ministry of Health and Welfare ordered measures to stop such a conflict. In 1986, a ban was placed on the sale of dog protein as an "unseemly" food.

When introducing dogs and cats to one another do it slowly and make sure you are in control.

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