Sunday, February 5, 2012

Austin Neighborhood Profiles : Travis Heights.

Featuring historical homes, interesting shopping streets, great cafes, and an unequalled central location, this area is among the most sought-after in Austin. Here is a brilliant piece about pet products. The streets ramble and roll, curving over hills, thru traditional trees, lending a sensation of tranquillity to a neighborhood in walking distance to Downtown Austin in addition to the busy Soco shopping area. The older homes date to the late 1880s, when the only real way across the Colorado Stream was by ferry. The Continental Club, one of Austins oldest and coolest music locales, is snuggled between tattoo studios, trattorias, Amys Ice Cream and more.

After Seattles new law for a twenty cent tax on plastic bags, with high hopes of phasing out their use ( or misuse ) in corner store, and convenient stores, L. A. appears to be following suit. The Town Council voted a resolution on July twenty-two to prohibit all retail plastic bags from stores beginning July one, 2010 if the state of California fails to inflict an outstanding bill ( AB 2058 ) that would force shops to charge patrons twenty-five cents for each plastic carrier bag supplied by shops and enormous retail shops. Second , environment activists say that plastic bags take millenia to rot and occupy space in the landfills, when in fact, plastic bags generate 39% less emissions of greenhouse gases than uncomposted paper bags, and 68% less emissions of CO2 than composted paper bags.

Finally , many environment activists claim the production of plastic bags is explicitly conditional upon oil. In the U. S. , ethylene is made from ethane which is removed from natural gas. With clothing shops, connoisseur markets, and one of Austins most classic eateries, Gueros, all within just a few blocks, this colourful retail zone is one of Austins most thrilling cultural pulse-points. Norwood Estate Park at Riverbank Drive and IH35 is Austins own leash-free dog park.

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