Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed.

In over a single hundred years, the size has been seriously reduced from a typical weight of 30 pounds to a trifling 7 pounds today.

And the trend is to have the Yorkie ( as the breed is affectionately called ) get even smaller, with adults tipping the scales at only 3 pounds. Like many canine breeds, the name doesn't reflect their point of origin. As an example, German Shepherds were really developed in France. The geographical difference isnt almost so massive, but it still is major. The Yorkshire Terrier didn't originate in the English country of Yorkshire, regardless of their name. All these breeds ( apart from the Scottie ) are not with us, but do live on in the shape of Yorkshire Terriers. The Scottish breeds necessarily bred with the terrier breeds already in Yorkshire, which experienced a great wave of Scottish immigrants in the latter 1800s.

The Scottish breeds were purposefully put to breeds that were renowned for slaughtering rats. At the ti me of their formation, employees in the areas textile mills and mines were tormented by high population of rats. The working folk of the area bred 1 or 2 sorts of terrier, including the Dandie Dinmont and Skye Terrier, together and made the Yorkshire Terrier. At first , the Yorkie was a bigger dog than we are now acquainted with, but controlled breeding reduced the dimensions of the dogs. Personality : As the Yorkie is a terrier, a feisty group of dogs, it can be too brave for its own good.

They won't hesitate to protect their human companions from other dogs, and usually don't put up with other dogs well. They're adorable and loving dogs and bond strongly to their owners. Yorkshire Terriers are good with youngsters, but won't appreciate coarse handling by them. They're clever dogs and learn efficiently. Health Problems : Yorkies have a fragile bone structure, so breaks can happen from too coarse handling or play. Tooth rot is a difficulty, so swe et treats shouldn't be given to Yorkies. Difficulty with anesthetics can also arise, so make sure that your vet knows and conversant with this. Yorkshire Terrier info sources guess that these breeds included the Maltese, the Skye and the now extinct strains of Black and Tan English, Waterside and possibly the Manchester Terrier ( which still survives, but is considered to be a very rare breed ).

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