Monday, November 5, 2012

Yorkshire Terrier History.

Todays Yorkshire Terrier is a far different dog than when the breed appeared in 1865. But who knows? Maybe in times to come there'll be a requirement for the Yorkshire Terrier to regrow into a 30 pound dog.

Like many dog breeds, the name doesn't reflect their point of origin. The geographical difference isnt almost so huge, but it still is important. Huddersfield Bens ancestors came from numerous troublesome small Scottish types of terriers, which are generally thought to have included the Scottish Terrier, the Clydesdale ( or Clyde ) Terrier and the Paisley Terrier. All these breeds ( except for the Scottie ) are not with us, but do live on in the shape of Yorkshire Terriers. Yorkshire Terrier The Yorkshire Terrier is a tiny kind of dog, measuring about nine inches at the withers. The dog is sometimes known as the Yorkie by its suitors. The coat is the most instantly particular feature of the Yorkshire Terrier and it's long and silky, falling from each side of the body. The Yorkie has a tiny head, which it carries proudly. History : Yorkshire Terriers came from northwards Britain and are named after the town of Yorkshire. At the time of their formation, employees in the areas textile mills and mines were troubled by high population of rats. An active, good-tempered dog was required to help manage the vermin. The working folk of the area bred 1 or 2 sorts of terrier, including the Dandie Dinmont and Skye Terrier, together and made the Yorkshire Terrier. Personality : As the Yorkie is a terrier, a feisty group of dogs, it can occasionally be too brave for its own good. They're charming and loving dogs and bond strongly to their owners. Yorkshire Terriers are good with youngsters, but won't appreciate coarse handling by them. Health Worries : Yorkies have a fragile bone structure, so breaks can happen from too coarse handling or play. Tooth rot is an issue, so sweet treats shouldn't be given to Yorkies. Whel ping can also present problems and the bitch should be observed closely when the puppies are due. The result was a rat-killing machine that was highly friendly with folks.
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